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  • Bookkeeping Services South Florida Need a South Florida Bookkeeper?

    Content Outsourced Accounting, Rent-A-Bookkeeper bookkeeping serviceS Imre Borsanyi CPA, PA Bookkeeping Services South Florida Additional Services Affordable Tax Preparations and QuickBooks Accounting Services Miami-Dade County Planning provides services related to sound growth management, historic preservation, urban planning, sustainability planning, and transportation development through the Comprehensive Development Master Plan and related activities. The team at the […]

  • DOR Wisconsin Farm Support Program

    Content Common questions associated with reporting rental income Agricultural Law and Taxation Blog Do I use Schedule E for farm land rental and expenses or Form 4835 or both? Allocation or Apportionment of Rents and Royalties from the Extraction of Minerals or from Copyrights and Patents Unearned Rental Income An active farmer reporting on […]

  • Retained Earnings Business Literacy Institute Financial Intelligence

    Content Tesla (TSLA) Accumulated Deficit Example Why are retained earnings equity? Can a Company Have an Accumulated Deficit & Cash? EBITDA And Other Scary Words: Scary Word No.13: “Equity” Treasury stock exists whenever a company purchases previously issued shares. Shares held as treasury stock do not earn dividends or have voting rights. Preferred stock can […]